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SigmaTeaches Presents: Werge

An Odd-Sounding Word Guessing Game focused on logic and deduction


  • You have to guess a hidden word, the Guess Word

  • When you guess a word, your guess will appear with colored hints telling you how correct your guess was

  • In addition to your incorrect hints, you also have access to two Merge Words, Blue and Pink, with numbers underneath each

    • These numbers relate to how many letters the Guess Word shares with ​the Merge word. 

      • For example, Boat 2 | Tree 1 means that the Guess Word will have two letters from Boat, and 1 Letter from Tree​

  • These colors come into play when analyzing your incorrect hints, as the color of the letter in your guess will turn Blue or Pink if that letter is a shared letter in the Merge Word

  • Some additional rules to keep in mind:

    • The Guess Word will not repeat any letters​

    • Your Merge Words will not share merge letters (i.e Tree and Sheep won't have 'e' be their hint)

    • You gain more guesses for longer guess words

    • Your Guess Word will not contain extra letters from your Merge Words (i.e. Shop 2 will not have a guess word of Shot, as it shares 3 letters, not 2)

      • This means that the numbers are the exact amount of shared letters between Merge and Guess Words

How was this Made?

As the icon at the bottom of game suggests, this game was made in the Unity Engine!

All of the Gameplay is done through UI elements (Text, Buttons, etc), using basic programming and Unity principles. 

Does this inspire you to make your own game, or start learning how to code? We have lesson plans teaching you how to make this game, which will are always customized to your interests and game idea! Learn More Here

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