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About Us

SigmaTeaches is an Private Educational Company focused on Student Lead Learning and Project-Based Curriculum. The 'SigmaTeaches Approach' is to let our Students choose what they want to learn, and to teach them that content in a personalized way that fits them best.

Nearly all SigmaTeaches lessons are Private, with our instructors focused on creating a fun, friendly environment for our students to learn in.

The 'Sigma', in SigmaTeaches, is a reference to a 'classic' conundrum:  "Bloom's Two Sigma Problem"! In short, Bloom, an Educational Researcher, found through his studies that students who receive a combination of Traditional Learning & One-on-One Tutoring perform better than their solely Traditional Peers. In fact, they perform so much better, that they placed an average of "Two Sigma" above their peers, or in layman's terms, the top 95% of the class. Our answer to Bloom's Problem? More accessible & more personalized Private Tutoring!

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